• The Royal Sapphire Brush Set


      This stunning sapphire brush set is so Royal. Perfect for any Cosmic Queen. Handcrafted and made with the silkiest vegan hair fibres.  

    • F01 – Precise Highlighter


      Single precise highlighter brush in rose gold.

    • B01.5 – Buffer Brush


      Foundation buffer brush in rose gold.

    • Angled Powder Brush – Orion


      The perfect angled powder brush for applying bronzers and blushers.

    • Angled Powder Brush – Carina


      single face brush in pink

    • B02 – Flat kabuki


      single face brush in gold

    • C03 – Angled Blender


      single face brush in gold

    • C01 – Tapered Contour


      single face brush in gold

    • Black Hole Set Vol 2


      Glitter, but make it goth. Our All Black Everything brush set, is super sleek and super glossy.

    • Powder Brush – Orion


      single face brush in purple

    • Powder Brush – Carina


      Our gorgeous powder brush with pink Carina glitter. Can be used with both pressed and loose powders.

    • P03 – Angled Powder Brush


      single face brush in rose gold





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