About Cosmic Brushes

Eventually doctors suggested it might have been some kind of virus and since all the neurological tests came back okay, they discharged me to go home and scheduled follow up appointments with a physiotherapist, so I could try and learn to walk again.

I ended up staying in hospital for a week, where they did every kind of test you could imagine. Thankfully every result came back clear. But we were none the wiser as to what was happening.

I decided to take some time off work to recover. I’ve always been an artsy fartsy person; I love anything that involves crafts and being creative. One of my most favourite hobbies has always been, playing with makeup. Seeing as I had all this time on my hands, and I was mostly stuck indoors, I used makeup as a way to escape. And this is when it happened.

I’d been playing with my makeup, and looking up oldschool toys I had as a kids, looking for colourful patterns and inspiration. I ended up going down a rabbit hole, and remembered those weird, water worm toys I had, the squishy ones that were hard to hold because they’d wiggle out your hand. They were filled with liquid and small plastic pieces shaped like dolphins or other marine animals. I’m not sure if these were a toy you could only get in the UK? Anyway, I started thinking about other liquid filled stuff I’d had, like Disney cups, they used to have glitter in them too. I looooved these! I used to have The Little Mermaid one, that was my favourite. This is when I thought to myself. I wonder if there’s any makeup brushes like this? Surely that has to have been done, right? So I checked, and I couldn’t find anything. I was pretty shocked, seeing as though all those phone cases were so popular at that time too. I couldn’t believe they didn’t exist anywhere. So I told my fiancé, David about it, and he just said, “well why don’t you make one”. I was like, yeah, why don’t I? I love making sh*t! I should definitely make one! And that’s where it started. I spent a good few days trying to make it, but every attempt was a fail. I just couldn’t find the right material to use for the handle and I tried every method of securing the liquid inside. Eventually I got it to work. I showed a few family members and friends and they said I should make these. So this is when I decided to think about it seriously. Should I actually try and make these, properly? And so I started looking for factories to help. But each one I spoke with had no idea how it could be done and If they were going to attempt it, it would cost tens of thousands of pounds, that I didn’t have. So I decided. If I was going to do this I’d do it myself.

Since then we have gained the support of some of the most amazing people, who we consider our cosmic family. And without, we wouldn’t be able do this. We are forever grateful!

Our brushes are still all hand made, although the method has changed multiple times over the years, to make it more efficient to keep up with the growing demand. But each brush is still made to that same high standard, we only use the best quality materials, while keeping them affordable. Cosmic Brushes really does put the ‘fun” into function. And we hope that when you pick up one of our magical brushes, it inspires you to let your creativity flow.

By the way guys, they never did find out what is wrong with my legs, I did eventually end up being able to walk again after a few months. Although, this still does happen to me on the odd occasion, but it usually only lasts for a day or so now.

Lots of love,